Expert Commercial  Locksmith Burke Va


Security is a critical issue at our homes, working places, big organizations and even government offices and thus proper attention should be keenly observed to ensure effective mechanisms are put in place to guarantee safety and protection of these structures. Based on the essential significance of these fact, burke va locksmiths is the most entrusted company in providing high quality services to their clients and the potential customers with regards to a wide scope of services like, automotive, safety, commercial locksmith services among others. 

Technology and expertise

Expert Commercial Locksmith Burke Va employs modern technological ideologies in implementing its services to the clients ensuring they provide the most preferred and secure means as far as locksmith is concerned and have been in existence for more than forty years clearly showing their profound experience in the locksmith affair. Expert Commercial Locksmith Burke Va has the art of the art highly qualified and trained technical staff as well as the sales persons who ensures they recommend the most appropriate commercial locksmith services to their clients. Integration of innovative techniques such as electronic security systems with access control mechanisms strictly monitored by computers is one aspect of Burke locksmith VA company which distinctively displays its uniquely delivered services despite the diversity of the market in terms of providers of security services.

Burke locksmith va company has a wide range of commercial locksmith services to offers to its clients ensuring they are able to choose from a wide scope and promptly decide on the most suitable one to meet their needs with their main commercial services based in Washington DC, and Northern Virginia. Here is close look at some of these commercial services available;  

Commercial door service

Expert Commercial Locksmith Burke Va provides effective door services to their customers who are aimed at safeguarding your premises and other valuables in your buildings. It has highly specialized and experienced staff that installs, replace and or repair doors with high precision.

Access control systems

This are computerized systems mostly recommended and installed in government premises, companies or places where utmost security measures are regarded with high concern. Basically only individuals with proper authentication credentials are able to access certain premises. It uses fingerprints to generate unique access codes for individuals who are allowed to access them.

Entry control systems

Practically works in similar principle as the access control systems but most prominent in airports entry points and other places which needs some predefined levels of security. Expert Commercial Locksmith Burke Va provides full installation and professional repairs in case of any.

Master key systems

Master key systems are critical and Expert Commercial Locksmith Burke Va clearly understands this and offers at disposal professional expertise in their installation or replacement. These are more important as backup locking services if at any instance the primary locking systems get breached.

Proximity card systems

Expert Commercial Locksmith Burke Va provides this commercial service to banks and other financial institutions where users access buildings or valuable safes using some special cards which are entirely subjected to a mainframe computer for identification and granting of access.


Other commercial services provided by Expert Commercial Locksmith Burke Va include desk and cabinet locks, secure safe repairs and openings and more importantly panic bars. If you looking for any form of locksmith services then Burke va is the answer for you, give us a call anytime for immediate response and attendance!!